About This Manual

Before using the Phoenix Motor Controller, please read this entire manual carefully to become familiar with the Controller’s features, benefits and operation. This manual provides the information necessary to understand, connect, and successfully configure the Controller. It explains the Controller’s functions, parameters, and usage, and provides general care and maintenance information as well as basic troubleshooting data. The document is intended for individuals who use the Phoenix Controller and for technicians performing maintenance.


This document contains hazard statements for your safety. Hazard statements are provided where safety consequences to personnel, equipment, and operation can exist. Failure to follow these statements can have serious consequences.

Icons are used to draw your attention to the appropriate type of statement.


Notes provide supporting information on installation, configuration, and use of the product. Not following the instructions given in notes or other precautions can lead to equipment failure.


A caution statement indicates the presence of a hazard that can or will cause minor injury or property damage.


Danger notices provide important information that must be followed to install, configure, and use the product safely and efficiently. Failure to follow the instructions given in a warning can potentially lead to equipment failure, damage to surrounding property, injury, or death.