Updating Controller Firmware

Phoenix controllers are supported by PC software that allows updating the firmware in the controllers.

In order to use this software to update a controller, it must be connected to the controller using a supported CAN Bus/USB adapter:

If you have not installed the Phoenix Diagnostics application see Installation

Updating the Software

After installation run the Phoenix Diagnostics App.

Click on "Update Controller Software button. Opening Screen1

The "Software Update" window will appear. Select the desired targets to update. The P190, P250 and dual motor controllers have the "Comm" processor which is the CAN bus interface and the "Motor" which is the motor control processor. NOTE: On dual motor controllers updating the "Comm" on both motors is not necessary because it updates the same chip. Click "START" to begin the update.


Do not turn off the power during an update of the motor controller. This will brick the motor processor. If the update is interrupted just retry the update without cycling the power.

Opening Screen2 The "Comm" processor updates first. Opening Screen3 Then the motor software updates. Opening Screen4 When it is complete click "Finish". Opening Screen5