Input/Output Configuration


The available IO pins vary by controller model. For details, refer to the model specifications. This section describes the most common setup choices.


The KEY_HIGH and KEY_LOW signals are used to switch the controller on and off. Configuration options for the keyswitch include:

  • Key off deceleration: controls how quickly the controller stops after a key-off or quickstop event
  • Shutdown time: configurable period of time after the key-off event before the controller turns off.
  • Idle Timeout: a period of time after which the controller will automatically shut down if not used.

Throttle Input

This is a proportional, analog voltage that represents the user's throttle input. Refer to the Throttle page for configuration details.

ANIN Input

The ANalog INput is a second proportional input. Depending on configuration, it can be used to:

  • Scale the main throttle input (Max Speed Pot),
  • Accept a voltage from a motor temperature sensor.

Switch 1

Switch 2 has a configurable function:

  • Quickstop/Fault input

Switch 2

Switch 2 has a configurable function:

  • Seat switch/Motion Inhibit

Switch 3

Switch 3 has a configurable function:

  • Reverse

Driver 1

Driver 1 is an open-collector output that can be used for:

  • Fault indication

Driver 2