Phoenix Controllers are highly customizable, and are loosely grouped by drive capacity and intended application. New features and applications are being added all the time, so please contact your Control Solutions representative for help choosing the right model for your application.

A specific Phoenix controller is manufactured with a part number in the format: CS8xxx.yyyy

The portion to the left of the '.' is the model, and indicates the basic capabilities of the controller, as shown in the table below. The portion to the right of the '.' is the configuration, which indicates any customization or pre-loaded configuration that is installed for a particular application.

Model Motor Type Peak Current Voltage Contactor Other
CS8101 Brushed 125A 24/36/48 Internal IP65
CS8201 BLDC, PMAC 190A 24/36/48 Internal UL60730, UL583, IP65
CS8202 Brushed DC 190A 24/36/48 Internal IP65
CS8203 Brushed DC 190A 24/36/48 Internal UL60730, UL583, IP65
CS8204 BLDC, PMAC, Brushed DC 190A 24/48/60 Internal IP65
CS8205 Brushed DC 190A 24/36/48 Internal IP65, Digital Input 2 Pin High
CS8301 Brushed DC 250A 24/36/48 External IP65

Phoenix Model Summary

Unless otherwise noted, Phoenix models also include the following features:

  • External EM Brake Control
  • Control, Configuration, and Status monitoring via CAN Bus 2.0b
  • Battery charger interlock
  • Programmable Sleep (power saving) mode
  • Programmable acceleration, deceleration and speed settings
  • Throttle control and Auto-Drive (pre-configured) Modes
  • Dual throttle support
  • Programmable throttle configuration (supports analog, hall effect, and serial throttles)
  • Throttle Fault Detection
  • Low/high voltage shutdown
  • Automatic system voltage determination at power-up
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Multiple current limiting modes
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Diagnostic interface capability (Requires external hardware)
  • ESD protection to IEC 61000-4-2 Class A
  • Four quadrant, full H-bridge design
  • Power on Demand — The Controller outputs the current necessary to instantly overcome obstacles such as ramps, curbs, etc.
  • Anti-Rollback — Virtually no roll-back when stopping on inclines
  • Multiple drive modes
  • Anti-jolt on power-down
  • Throttle fault detection
  • High pedal disable


Phoenix motor controllers are designed and manufactured in the USA